>Women in Canjulao, Jagna, Bohol


      Jagna’s tableja makers belonging to the Canjulao League of Women learned about business planning in the Agri-Entrepreneurship Workshop-Training that the Provincial Agriculture Office and the Municipal Agriculture Office conducted recently.
      The concerns raised during the workshop held on March 4-5 at the Capt. Goyo Session Hall included lack of modern equipment, and the high cost of raw materials.
      The tableja makers also complained that they had to purchase most of the raw materials like cacao from Mindanao, which hindered them from maximizing their resources.
      Among the facilitators of the workshop were Fara Fe Nazareno, Rosanna Lamdagan, and technical staff Anna Ria Baja, MAO technical staff Cecile Opada and Caren Rose Dolojol as documentor.
      They discussed the basic details of the product, marketing plan, manpower plan, risk management plan, business management, financial plan, and project implementation
      The workshop-training was aimed at strengthening the Canjulao League of Women to help them become the major tableja maker in the province.
      After the training, members of the Canjulao League of Women aspired to get financial support from the provincial and municipal governments so they can increase their production. 

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