War Against Illegal Drugs in Legazpi City

Determined to wage war against illegal drugs in this city, the City Anti Illegal Drug Council (CADAC) formed a special action group to intensify intelligence operations and raids on suspected illegal drug lairs.

City Mayor Noel Rosal said on Friday, the increasing incidents of drug abuse here is quite alarming following reports that 15 people from this city have been committed to a drug rehabilitation center in Malinao, Albay, and 13 of whom have been found to be “psychotic” and need to be moved to a mental institution.

Rosal said “the drug situation here is indeed serious and I am putting pressure on it by intensifying our intelligence operations.”

“The special action group, composed of narcotic agents from the police and other law enforcement agencies, will be holding intelligence operations and raids on suspected illegal drug syndicates, peddlers, safe houses including drug users,” he pointed out.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency at the CADAC meeting held on Thursday reported that of the 70 villages of the city, 10 are either considered drug-infiltrated or drug-influenced areas.

Arlene Bonavente, PDEA Intelligence Officer, said her agency is hot on trail against illegal drug peddlers operating in the high risk villages of Sabang, Victory Village, Barriada, Pigcale, Dap-Dap, Bigaa, Oro Site, Cruzada and two other villages in the southern part of this city.

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