>Tubigon Bohol Waterworks System


Tubigon Bohol Mayor Luna Piezas has trained its sights to upgrade the present capability of the Tubigon Waterworks System in cadence with
the town’s demands for economic growth.
It may be noted that the municipality is one of the few Bohol towns that experience a steady growth that demand for water consumption is increasing by leaps and bounds. 
The growing population density of the municipality motivates the town mayor to improve the water supply service of the local waterworks system. 
With the end in view of meeting increasing water needs vis-à-vis the  growing population, the present administration commissioned a consultant to evaluate and update the existing municipal water supply system project. 
  Following procurement  procedures provided under RA 9183, the municipality of Tubigon has issued an invitation to qualify and bid last Aug. 24-31 and Sept. 7 for implementation of this project.
  The University of San Carlos-Water Resources Center Foundation, Inc. was awarded as the most competent bidder. The Center is known for its track record on similar projects for the past 30 years in the field of water resources and other water related engineering activities. It is fully equipped with latest technology combining with top professionals, expertise and experience.
  The municipality of Tubigon entered into a contract with the University of San Carlos-Water Resources Center Foundation, Inc. (USC-WRCFI) last Nov. 18 for the conduct of “Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering for the Upgrading of the Tubigon Municipal Waterworks System” referred to as the Project.) MPIO 

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