>This Is Bohol – unspoiled…

>It's the anti-Boracay. The stretch of white beach is there, but not the party atmosphere. There are no bars, no wild nightlife to speak of, and it's the very thing that makes it special.

This is Bohol. Quiet, beautiful, unspoiled by the trappings of commercial tourism. And yet it has some of the more noteworthy tourism projects in the Philippines. It is home to the best preserved Spanish colonial churches in the country, among them, the oldest in the Philippines, the Baclayon Church, built in 1596. Among divers, it has sites that are home to marine creatures such as dolphins and whale sharks, and quite a number of coral reefs and fishes. Landllubbers and those who want to keep their heads above water can get their fill of nature from many things: dolphin and whale watching, firefly tours, a trek uphill formed like perfect domes, spelunking in a crisscrossing in network of caves, and river boat cruises through emerald green waters. Sometimes it is indeed hard to believe that it is only an hour and a half away by ferry boat from the bustling southern capital of Cebu, and easily accessible through direct flights from Manila…

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