The Bohol Chronicle DYRD At War Against Tagbilaran Mayor Dan N. Lim

A ceasefire brokered by the local church went in force starting yesterday preventing an escalation of hostilities involving  the much-publicized word war between two institutions—city hall and the Bohol Chronicle / DYRD media combined.

Msgr. Jeffrey Malanog, vicar-general of the Diocese of Tagbilaran who admitted that he was acting on behalf of Bishop Leonardo Medroso  relayed the prelate’s message  to City Mayor Dan Neri Lim in a meeting held the other day.

The Post who was present in that meeting  heard the concern of the bishop as relayed by the Palace spokesman to halt the hostilities before it will flare up into a full-blown conflict.

It was not immediately known as to whose initiative the ceasefire offer came from. But it is pubic knowledge that Bishop Medroso and the  owners of the media concern are close friends.

Whether the ceasefire, uneasy as it seems, will hold will depend upon today’s reaction of the Bohol Chronicle whose editor was given a piece of Mayor Lim’s mind in a letter he sent Friday. The  Post  is not at liberty to divulge the contents of the letter but any editor who was at its receiving end will definitely fume in anger.

In deference to Msgr. Malanog’s representation, Mayor Lim heeded the ceasefire offer in a broadcast aired yesterday.

The radio broadcast took a different turn when it was made no longer in its previous anchor station- DYRD.

For DYRD, they have it coming when the city mayor showed a dramatic shift in radio loyalty.

Although it was widely believed before the hostilities broke out that the mayor was hitting two birds with one stone in his media relations with DYRD and the Bohol Chronicle, the cozy affair turned sour when DYTR came out with a palatable offer the city mayor found hard to resist.

It was in the form of a grassroot-based radio program called Barangay Patrol where Mayor Lim has to wake up early in the morning to meet with his constituents down to the purok level. All sorts of problems were tossed to the mayor and true to  his passion for public service he was just as willing to oblige.

With DYTR giving him an option to air his views about the city’s goings on, Mayor Lim severed his relations with the twin media enterprise and that started  the “gun and go affair”.

Finding  comfort in his new territory, Mayor Lim did not wait that he would be shown the door the moment he would return to his old anchor station. He  jumped the gun on his former favored station and felt himself at home  in a rival station.

For four years, Mayor Lim found  in the tight embrace of Station DYRD where he aired his weekly Mayor’s Report.

In fact, it was in the same station that his rating catapulted to an all-time high because listeners found his brand of radio broadcast both entertaining and hard-hitting.

But it was not meant to be for good.

To the surprise of avid radio followers, Mayor Lim was already talking at Station DYTR starting yesterday at almost the same time as he did in the competing station.

Radio listeners were expecting another heavy dosage of bombast directed to the twin media outfit but nothing of that sort wafted on the air. The otherwise subdued exchange between the mayor and the radio anchor was an indication that Mayor Lim respected the truce agreement brokered by Msgr. Malanog.

The running word war between two powerful interest groups started after Mayor Lim took offense to the series of  editorials of the leading weekly which castigated the city executive’s seeming neglect to solve the city’s drainage problem.

The scathing editorial did not sit well with Mayor Lim’s combative nature.

While sitting in his radio program for the last time over Station DYRD the other Saturday, Mayor Lim minced no words to get back at his main critic, the Bohol Chronicle.

That started the open warfare  with neither protagonists willing to budge an inch in the name of public service.

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