>Social Marketing for Solid Waste Management


  Knowing that the ultimate measure of effective information dissemination is behavior change, information officers (RIOs) from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) agree that Jagna’s innovative solid waste management program is a success, during a learning visit Wednesday, November 26. 
  Not only has Jagna pioneered the very touchy garbage tax fees, it has also stretched its garbage management program to include schools by enlisting the help of generators at source; the elementary kids. 
  Jagna now implements Young Eco Saver’s Club, whose membership entitles one to a passbook detailing credits for practicing recycling.  
  ”Points earned can be converted to goodies, a motivation that has not failed to attract kids participation while reinforcing the attitude to reuse or recycle,” Councilor Senen Lloren said.    
  Awed at the innovation of getting kids and parents into recycling in line with the town’s waste management program, DSWD social marketing Director Gerardo Eusebio admits indeed the town has successfully done a social marketing job.  
  Eusebio led the team of about 29 information officers learning social marketing strategies from models implemented for adaptation by the government agents in their social service projects in their respective areas.  
  The RIOs have been at Bohol Plaza Resort for a program review and evaluation workshop and training on information, education and communication development, public relations and advocacy and part of their activity is a filed trip to see the Jagna innovation, says Conchita Bigrnia, training facilitator.  
  During the visit, Bigornia said Jagna’s trial and error implementation of ecological solid waste management program has graduated into one that is unique in the country. 
  Bigornia was one of Jagna’s technical support specialists in contract with the country’s environment agency through a program called Eco-governance.  
  Jagna has also conceptualized a mascot called GoyoBoy, a kid hero who advocates environment protection by proper garbage management.  
  According to Jagna Councilor Senen Llloren, Sangguniang Bayan environment committee, Jagna produces tons of garbage daily and growing population compounds the problem.  
  Now implementing ESWM in 8 of the town’s 33 barangays, Lloren said the metro barangays produce about 40% of wastes.  
  He said he hopes the lessons people learn from Jagna can also be duplicated in areas, a humble legacy from a town that has started thinking about it and finally doing it.

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