Risk of Firecrackers

The Northern Police District Office (NPDO) today warned residents living in the cities of Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas and Valenzuela against patronizing illegal firecrackers as lighting up these unsafe pyrotechnics would cost them a finger or a limb.

The NPDO was referring to the illegal brands of firecrackers like the “Bawang”, “Lolo Thunder” and “Dynamite” the gunpowder content of which is way ahead of the prescribed safety standards by authorities.

The NPDO also called on residents to immediately report to the nearest police station or precincts vendors of illegal firecrackers so that appropriate action can be taken against them before their wares harm someone.

The NPDO further asked New Year’s Eve revelers to shy away from sellers of cheap but substandard “sparklers” and “baby rockets” as these types of pyrotechnics have the nasty habit of blowing up in one’s face and cause costly fires.

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