>Reengineering of Provincial Government Workers


A bridging set up in the meantime that the reengineering still has to complete the Information Education and Communication (IEC) phase reshuffled some heads of offices to more demanding tasks that need focus. 
Affected heads of offices were Bohol Poverty Reduction Management Office (BPRMO) Head Antonieto Pernia, Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO) Head John Titus Vistal, Chief of Staff Emmanuel Caberte who assumed their new and additional tasks effective September 16. 
As Governor Erico Aumentado has given Pernia, also head of the Provincial Government Media Affairs (PGMA), a more demanding task of establishing the cultivation of jatropha in 10,000 hectares in Bohol by 2010- -before the governor’s last term ends, the operation of the BPRMO has been added to Vistal’s functions. 
Vistal will be assisted by Glicerio Doloritos as his point man in the day-to-day business, together with a casual employee, Paul Inting. Doloritos and Inting are Vistal’s staff at the PPDO. 
A permanent head of the BPRMO will be appointed after the reengineering, considering that Pernia has, since at the start, declined the governor’s offer of a permanent position in the government
Pernia also replaced Emmanuel Caberte as chief of staff of the Governor’s Office after the latter, a former vice-mayor of Sevilla and an engineer by profession, has been assigned to the Provincial Engineer’s Office to focus on the gigantic Sevilla waterworks project that would serve all 13 barangays of the town. 
As point person of the provincial government’s jatropha project, Pernia’s additional tasks entail a lot of traveling that may cause him to sacrifice some BPRMO functions if he holds on to the office. 

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