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President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo revealed in Bohol the government plan to equip itself with weather forecasting assets, during her recent one-one one interview with a local media representative in Loboc.
This as she stresses that weather forecasting is one very important things, at a meeting with the press prior to a cabinet meeting on disaster preparedness set in Bohol two weeks ago.
"What is most important is that we have to be ready," the president told Bohol Chronicle chief Peter Dejaresco.
Dejaresco, the son of the paper's founder and the current chief executive officer of the Bohol Chronicle Radio Broadcasting Corporation asked the President, is the Philippines ready for disasters with all the preparations.
Over that, Mrs Arroyo cited America and her advanced technology, "and they were still proven to be not ready".
Mrs. Arroyo pointed out that weather forecasting is one important thing, and so we are improving our capabilities to track rainfall amount.
She was talking about a system of Doppler radars installed all over strategic locations in the country.
A doppler radar makes use of the doppler effect to produce data about objects at a distance, by beaming a microwave signal towards a desired target and listening for its reflection.
It also includes analyzing how the original signal has been altered by the object that reflected it. 

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