Philippine Marines in Sulu Island

In connection with the celebration of Eid’l Fitr, the 3rd Marine Brigade spent time with children on Monday afternoon with the conduct of “Palaro para sa mga Bata”.

3rd Marine Brigade Commander Col Eugenio Clemen PN (M) said that around 500 kids, with some adults enjoyed the different traditional games like palo sebo, hitting the pot, pabitin, and sack race.

“In a place where children are allowed to be children is the place where there is peace. As protector of their rights, we want them to enjoy their rights to play, have fun, and take pleasure in the company of others without fear,” explains Col Clemen.

“With this activity, we see smiles not only on children and their parents’ faces, but also on Marines, who are fathers of children they hardly ever spend time with,” he added.

Acting Civil Military Operations Officer Capt Nestor E Soler PN (M) said that school supplies served as rewards for the winners. Film showings were also held after meals were served.

Meanwhile, Joint Task Force Comet Commander Maj Gen Juancho M Sabban lauds all Muslims especially Col Clemen for being able to fulfill the essential religious duties.

Recognizing the religious significance of fasting and its implications for self-purification and spiritual growth, he said that fasting as one of the five pillars of Islam is a self-sacrificing spiritual obligation.

Fasting fosters piety, promotes self-discipline and spiritual awareness, while helping believers overcome faults such as selfishness and greed. In addition, Muslims take special care to refrain from negative actions such as gossiping and fighting during this period.

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