Phantom of the Opera: Bohol Version

The Holy Name University (HNU) Literature and Arts Department students after a month of rehearsals, performed Friday and last night John Lyod Weber’s production of “Phantom of the Opera” at the HNU gym.

Adding color to the celebration of English Week, the student-performers staged their own version of the Broadway hit under Marianito Luspo, who is the trusted director to take over for Swedish director Tor Telin after he walked of the set while in midstream rehearsals.

Telin has a professional background in the performing arts and is a professional singer musician in his country.

Before coming to Bohol he was a teacher in the performing arts.

Ramon Boloron one of the Arts and Literature heads who discovered Telin and have him help his department celebrate English week by having a play said the “Holy name use to be known for its musical productions in the 70s and 80s and the constraints of resources were on finding people who would do such shows.”

Raynel Scud Amora, who was with the Loboc Children’s Choir plays the Phantom. He admitted that Telin had doubts if he could express the true dark characteristics of the Phantom. In reality, Amora is a shy type.

Cast mates describe Amora as the boy with a “Halo” above his head in real life.

The Phantom’s lady is played by Venice June Corsino, Telin also explained “She may be small and young but she has a very good voice for playing the part of Christine.”

The play cast four main leads and seven supporting acting parts.

There is also a chorus section and a ballet group in the play. One of HNU’s English teachers Raul Gatal plays the Auctioneer in the opening of the play.

Telin in an interview admitted he walked away due to low student turn out for rehearsal, and the editing and the cutting out of the scenes.

Telin also bared that the production has earned over 50 awards globally under many categories and has received top notch reviews from very reputable publications.

“The Phantom” is based upon the 1911 book titled “Le Fantom of the Opera” and written by French author Gaston Leroux.

The plays first production with the musical words written by John Lyod Weber was performed in London England on the evening of Oct. 9, 1986.

The show has been on taking the production to the road since 1988 in many major countries and their cities.

The original play has eight scenes but due to a time crunch the play has been shortened into 45 minutes up to one hour at the longest.

The Phantom of the Opera tells the story of a disfigured musical genius (Gerard Butler) who haunts the bottom of the catacombs beneath the Paris opera house.

The scene opens with an auction selling off the Opera Houses props and fixtures.

The Phantom teaches Christine how to sing she falls in love with him but he realizes she can not be for him because of his condition and that he stays dark sided and goes his own way as he cast Christine away from him into the arm’s of Raul.

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