Palawan Galoc Oil Field

Palawan Vice Governor David Ponce de Leon said he is optimistic that Palawan is entitled to the 40 percent revenues of the local government unit from the utilization of Galoc oilfield off the northern part of the province.

Ponce de Leon told mediamen during a press conference at the Capitol’s legislative building today, “Palawan LGU is nearest to the Galoc field, about 50 kilometers west of Galoc Island in the island town of Culion.”

He said Galoc Production Company (GPC) submitted the necessary documents to the provincial board, municipal and barangay councils prior to its exploration activities in the territorial waters of the province.

He said Galoc officials recognized territorial authority over its operation.

Ponce de Leon, a lawyer, said Galoc underwent extensive consultation with the provincial leaders and to the Palawenos.

He related “it is a submission of territorial authority”.

He is hopeful that the Galoc case will not be like the Malampaya case where the provincial and national governments are contesting over the territorial ownership of the Malampaya gas field.

A petition for declaratory relief is still pending at the Supreme Court in relation to Palawan’s entitlement to its shares from Malampaya gas revenues.

Over the weekend, Department of Energy (DOE) and GPC men visited this city.

They met with Palawan officials and Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) to give an update on the GPC’s compliance in the acquisition of Strategic Environmental Plan (SEP) Clearance and other endorsements of the provincial board, municipal and barangay councils. – PNA

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