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US, Europe Support Arroyo Administration (For Now)

The United States, European Union (EU) and its member States (Germany, Sweden, Spain, Finland and the EC) are supporting the Republic of the Philippines under the leadership of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

In a joint statement of EU and its member States during the recent RP Development Forum in Davao, it stated that EU is supporting the President in undertaking decisive reforms that reduce fiscal, regulatory, legal, judicial and political uncertainties, and enhancing the country’s competitiveness, improving physical and human capital and through raising domestic investments.

EU also commended the efforts of the Philippine Government in promoting respect for human rights; the passage of new laws against human trafficking and violence against women and children, as well as submitting compliance reports to treaty monitoring bodies last year.

The European Union is committed to assist the Philippines in meeting its challenges on the road to sustainable development, EU statement said.

On the other hand, the US applauded the Philippines for its achievements in the face of major economic, governance and social challenges.

Macroeconomic performance improved in 2004 with 6.1 percent growth in real Growth Domestic Product (GDP).

Poverty incidence has declined from 33 percent of the population in 2000 to 30.4 percent in 2003.

Like many Filipinos, the US delegation stated that it also recognized the efforts of PGMA in eradicating graft and corruption; in addressing the country’s increasingly serious debt burden and continued deficit problem; in promoting growth and stability; allowing investment in RP’s future; and in promoting peace and development in Mindanao.  – Rose Palacio – PIA

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