>One Driver, One Backrider Policy of LTO: Too Harsh?


Rep.Edgar Chatto yesterday succeeded in asking Land Transportation Office (LTO) Chief Alberto Suansing to defer the enforcement of policies deemed by the public to be "too harsh" to their already hard economic condition.
He wanted the LTO to hear first the legitimate clamor of the motoring public because a law, either imposable by LTO or any related arm, ought to recognize reasonable public want and condition.
One of these imminent iron rules is for a motorcycle driver to only have one backrider—and both to be wearing helmets.
A father has to fetch another child, if ever he has one more studying kid, from home to school simply because he can not carry them both pursuant to the new LTO regulation.
This can mean additional cost of fuel against an already budgeted meager family for second child's school recess snack or another use of much importance.
Chatto asked the LTO Central Office to refine the policy, particularly on the helmet which safety description has to be prescribed and approved by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).
The position of the First District congressman has been magnified by complaints raised to the media.
Chatto said in a long distance call last night that there has to be a proper consultation, review and possible modification of the policy which LTO-Manila might also have ultimately thought to be demanding wisdom.
A numbered memorandum amending the supposed order on the strict rule is awaited today or tomorrow.
The issue was discussed by Chatto, who himself lengthily conversed with Suansing on the phone, with Negros Oriental Rep. Henry Teves also yesterday during the budget hearing on the transportation agency.
Suansing assured Chatto to defer other service provisions of the memorandum assessed to be moreover wisely studied.
After his request to the LTO Central Office officials, Chatto called Maloloy-on on the issue so that the Local LTO can be guided accordingly.
Motorists from all other provinces in the country have share same sentiment with what the Boholanos want. – The Bohol Chronicle

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