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By Romy Teruel
Agora Column Sunday Post
 Continuing improvement is something the public appreciates especially if it is meant to make life better for everyone, or to simplify complex government processes, or simply make people enjoy the good life.  But improvement is not improvement if it will only make people swear and curse because they are hassled or because they were caught unaware of what is going on.  This type of improvement only contributes to the number of disgruntled populace.
 This is quite true in the come backing “no left turn,” “no entry,” “no parking” city of Tagbilaran .  Lately new traffic signs of “no left turn” and “no entry” have been placed in secondary city streets, especially those that drivers used to take to save on gasoline.
 The sad thing is the signs were placed without proper advance announcements as to their affectivity, or without first educating the drivers on the new traffic flow being implemented. The public is of the impression that a new fund raising scheme has just been activated in the city.
 Because the streets are littered with old and new “no left turn,” “no parking,” ” no entry” signs, drivers don’t know which one is current.
 Visitors driving for the first time in the city won’t have problems because their eyes are on the constant lookout for traffic signs along the way.  But for the local drivers who know the traffic regulations in the city like they know their palms, they won’t be looking for signs anymore because they know where the prohibited zones are.
 With the implementation of the new rules however and without the traffic men stationed to caution or direct the traffic, the situation becomes chaotic. Any new changes in the usual should first be disseminated to the public and where human resource permits, the public must be educated on-site. 
 I appreciate the LTO Registrar for not putting into effect immediately the provision of the new administrative order requiring motorcycle riders to wear crush helmet because the same has not been thoroughly disseminated to the public.
 Such a small city like Tagbilaran, traffic should not be a problem.  There is no need to declare a lot of roads “no entry” because in the busiest street of Tagbilaran, traffic is still tolerable.  In fact sometimes it’s the traffic light that causes traffic jams because it holds vehicles unnecessarily.
 Let’s not give our people the reason to complain.  They complain because they are pained by the implementation of processes that they are not aware of.
 Metro Manila has the worst traffic.  Let them be.  They brought it upon themselves.  Tagbilaran?  We can’t afford it and we cannot suffer it.
 To the traffic managers of Tagbilaran City, please review your processes for implementing new rules and policies.  It is nice to be customer sensitive all the time. 

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