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By Gregorio Tavera

  Recognition of model citizens highlighted the celebration of the 105th foundation day of barangay Boctol on December 3.

  Barangay Captain Bonifacio Galorio led the barangay council in initiating the celebration dubbed as 105th Araw ng Boctol based on the theme, “Unity the Key to Progress”. 

  “When I assumed office as the local head of our community, I recognized then that Boctol has a rich local history. Aside from the Barangay Development Plan which was documented years ago we also rely on verbal accounts of our old folks. Hence, we are able to come up with this humble celebration for the first time,” Galorio said in his welcome remarks.

  Galorio added that to interpret the past of their locality is to embrace its political, social, economic, and cultural life so that they may be able to understand the successes and failures of the people of Boctol, while, at the same time, plan concretely for future development.

  Representing Mayor Exuperio Lloren, five members of the 6th Sangguniang Bayan (SB) came, headed by Municipal Councilor and Vice-Chairman on SB Committee on Education, Culture and the Arts Senen Lloren.

  Each of the SB members commended and challenged the barangay council and the people of Boctol to sustain the maiden celebration as they likewise encouraged the other 29 visiting barangay captains to replicate what barangay Boctol and Mayana had done.

  “Since the nation's history comprise of the tales from the smaller political units, no town or province exists independently of the nation, and vice-versa. And, just as the auto mechanic understands the entire machine only if he knew each of the spare parts, the same principle applies to the national history which only becomes intelligible through the context of local history. So, teach your pupils local history,” SB Member Cesar Cagulada said.

  Highlighting the morning program, despite the heavy downpour, was the recognition of Michael Allan Tadle and former barangay captain Antonio Belara Sr. as model farmers for the vegetable gardening and crop categories, respectively.

  Flaviano Salas, a farmer, and his wife were awarded model parents after having raised and produced all four professional children.

  Twenty-three-year-old Roel Lacar was commended model youth when he attested to the community that engaging in vegetable farming and planting forest and fruit trees in lieu of vices is indeed rewarding.

  Founded on December 3, 1903 with Santiago Abrau as its first Teniente del Barrio, Boctol is located 12 kilometers away from the town proper.

  It is one of the 12 barangays of Jagna that has been identified as tourism sites of the municipality where the Luinab Rice Terraces, a number of natural caves and a swimming pool are found.

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