>Lakas Rivalry in Bohol Island


Editorial of the Bohol Sunday Post
The rift between rival factions within the Lakas – Bohol has exploded in the open leaving no doubt that the once dominant political party in the province is but a shell of its old murderous self.
      Lakas had run roughshod over its opponents in the past several elections, making it the party that its drumbeaters had projected it to be. In its heyday, the opposition can only manage a few surprises, but Lakas clearly ruled Bohol.
      Not anymore.
      Last Sunday, 11 prominent party members came out with a position paper that assailed both the new provincial and national leadership of the party. Among many things, the message was loud and clear: Lakas-Bohol is in trouble.
      Both parties in the conflict will naturally try to sway people to their side. It is no child’s play. It is a war that has signaled the end of a once proud and mighty political machinery.
      The charges and counter-charges show that underneath the calm exterior was a bomb waiting to explode. Now that it has been brought to the open, there is no turning back like the genie out of the bottle.
      It is interesting to see how life reinvents itself over and over again.
      Like the experience of politicians in different times and places, it has come full circle once again. Once inseparable friends have now turned into bitter enemies. The unthinkable is happening as sworn enemies are putting aside their differences to fight a common enemy.
      Make no mistake about it: this is a full-blown war. When the firing starts, the bullets won’t be choosing their targets. Some innocents will be dragged into the fray while some guilty parties get away.
      If you think life is unfair, wait till you get caught in the crossfire. When you do, you will wish you had been wiser to enlist on one side. At least you will know the bullets will be coming only from one side, not both as fence-sitters belatedly realize.
      The war of attrition is on. In the end, one can only shudder at the thought of the collateral damage that this war will entail. The United Nations may harp about a protocol in place but innocents do get hit in the real world.
      We wish that wars would end, or if not, at least fought few and far between. Unfortunately for us, conflict is as old as man himself. It will be here to stay.
      In the next nine weeks, the shooting will escalate. We can only wish that it would be a just war. Something tells that it won’t be over until it’s over.
      There is no such thing as a half-war. 

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