Kasanggayahan Festival in Sorsogon, Philippines

By Danny O. Calleja, PNA

Friday was declared a special non-working local holiday across Sorsogon province to give way to the opening revelries for this year’s celebration of Kasanggayahan Festival, a 10-day festivity showcasing the province’s historical, cultural and social gains leading to peace and development.

Kasanggayahan is a local dialect that broadly describes tranquility in all aspects of living in a community that rejects war, chaos, poverty and famine.

Now on its 14th year, the festival is also a celebration of the foundation day of the province 114 years ago when it was declared as a separate political unit from the province of Albay. At the same time, it is a religious thanksgiving ritual for the blessings received and production achieved.

Fr. Francisco Monje, chairperson of the Kasanggayahan Foundation Incorporated (KFI) that oversees the conduct of the yearly festivity, said that among the religious highlights of the festival is the concelebrated mass at the Ibalon Shrine in Sioton, a coastal barrio of Magallanes town where the first Catholic mass in Luzon was held.

That first mass which was held even earlier than the more historically noted First Mass of Limasawa marked the beginning of the Spanish colonization of the Philippine archipelago that also introduced Christianity to the ancient Filipinos, Monje said.

Under intermittent rains, the opening day featured a historico-cultural parade that depicted the cultural heritage of the Sorsogueños, a Bicolano race confined at the southern tip of Luzon that although considered the third smallest province in the six Bicol provinces speaks at least 11 different dialects.

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