Improving skills in Reading, Science and Math for Filipino Kids

Former Education undersecretary and now president of the International Institute for Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) Juan Miguel Luz recently emphasized that improved skills in Reading, Science and Math are important factors that could help students fare better during achievement tests.

Luz stressed this during the recent turnover of computer schools under the Gearing Up Internet Access and Literacy for Students (GILAS) of the Ayala Foundation to four public high schools in the city.

However, he cited that achievement tests are not going to automatically go up because of computers.

“My prediction is that achievement test scores will probably not move up or move very much higher in the next three years, because before you get to your goal, the very, very first step is reading. Reading starts in Grade 1,” he explained.

From improved reading in Grade I, he added, that Science and Math have to be improved in Grade III and it is expected that the achievement test will start to go up in Grade VI.

“Math helps you with thinking. Science helps you with problem solving, cause and effect and reading helps you with comprehension. And we are talking about reading in either English or Pilipino or even Ilonggo,” he added.

He explained that ‘computers are not in the beginning, they come towards the end of the cycle.’

Moreover, he pointed out that ‘computer literacy comes in at the high school level,’ which is helpful in solving problems and research.

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