Horrible Drainage Problem in Tagbilaran, Bohol

Illegal drainage connections lining CPG Avenue must be cut and City Hall must not wait for the Tagbilaran sewer network to be turned-over from the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

DPWH senior undersecretary Manuel Bonoan categorically declared last Monday that the city drainage system is part of the national highway under the agency’s jurisdiction.

“There is nothing to be turned over to the local government since the drainage is a regular part of the national highway,” Bonoan stressed.

Apprised of the status of the illegal sewerage connections coming from commercial buildings and households, Bonoan explained that the city has the police power to plug the connections spilling waste water into the drainage.

“Cutting the illegal connections is a responsibility of the local government,” according to Bonoan citing the LGU’s mandate under the National Building Code which prohibits the discharge of wastes into drainage facilities.

“The illegal connections are within the purview of the local government and it should be corrected immediately,” he said.

Bonoan had been attending coordination meetings here during the construction phase of the road concreting and the drainage works.

During those coordinative meetings, Bonoan said that the agreement was for the city government to establish a waste water treatment facility to be simultaneously built with the construction of the San Jose Drainage Outfall.

“Before we even started the outfall project, the city government gave us the assurance to (also) start construction of the water treatment plant,” he said.

“We would not have agreed to build such drainage structure which is intended only for rainwater runoff.”


Breaking his commitment to cut the illegal connections during a meeting called by Gov. Erico Aumentado together with the project’s contractor and concerned agencies, City Mayor Dan Lim had washed his hands of any responsibility in cutting the sewer lines coming from buildings along CPG Avenue.

The mayor reasoned out that the city government does not have any authority in cutting the sewerage connections unless it is turned over by the contractor Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction Inc.

Speaking on Friday’s “The Governor Reports”, Provincial Administrator Tomas Abapo said the governor, who is currently in an official trip to China, was already informed of the city mayor’s backtracking.

According to Abapo, the governor, who will be returning from his China trip today, have expressed concern over the drainage issue which he believed to have been a settled matter already after the dialogue with the city mayor. – the Bohol Chronicle

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