>Global Warming in the Mind of a Mayor

>The team of Inabanga, Bohol Mayor Jose Jono Jumamoy last week went to coastal barangays to brief barrio folks on the threats of global warming.

  With Mayor Jumamoy were Vice-Mayor Wenceslao Lao, the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) Members and Coastal Resource Management Officer Tian Cempron during the first round of their barangay-level Information Education and Communication (IEC) campaign where they gave a PowerPoint presentation on the melting of Alaska’s Glaciers blamed on global warming.

  Jumamoy elaborated on the effects and preventions of global warming during their presentations before barrio folks of the coastal barangays of Lawis, Sto. Niño, Ondol and Tungod.

  The mayor explained that in the global warming phenomenon, Earth’s average temperature increases and as the Earth is getting hotter, disasters like hurricanes, droughts and floods are more likely to occur.

  The mayor’s team had also scheduled similar IEC sessions on global warming to the rest of the barangays of Inabanga.

  Jumamoy cited as example, the importance of Alaska's Glaciers that are melting down, one by one.

  Alaska is home to around 2,000 valley glaciers, including nearly 700 that are named, according to the National Geographic.

  The National Geographic also quoted U.S. Geological Survey scientists who confirmed that it’s warming in Alaska at least in the last five decades.

  On this, Jumamoy encouraged Inabanganons to adopt proper waste management in their respective barangays to contribute in preventing global warming.

  "Please do your share as concerned citizens and be aware of what has been happening in our beloved Earth and protect our environment," Jumamoy said.

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