>Former President Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada Courting Bohol?


By Looking Glass Column
Sunday Post
       Former President Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada came to Bohol last Thursday, Sept 25, as an overnight guest of City Mayor Dan Neri Lim. Erap made it to Tagbilaran from Dumaguete City where he was a guest speaker at the Siliman University. 
       The former president is reportedly on a university speaking tour, and was a guest of honor and speaker at the University of Bohol (UB) and the Holy Name University (HNU) here in Tagbilaran. 
       ERAP was greeted very warmly by Boholanos , and he appeared very sharp and witty replying to questions on a wide range of subjects asked by the Bohol media during a presscon held after lunch at the Miravilla Resort in Booy. We were introduced to him by City Councilor Dandan Bantugan who moderated the affair. 
       When asked by Bohol media about his choice of a gubernatorial candidate from the opposition in Bohol, he said that he was leaving the matter to City Mayor Dan Neri Lim. On the possibility of the opposition’s candidate for president in the 2010 elections, he told the press that he was in favor of supporting a choice with a high trust and acceptability rating in the surveys. He offered no objection to a possible Villar presidency with a coalition support of several parties facing the administration candidate of Mrs. Arroyo.  
       Our attending the affair was a pleasant coincidence. We went to Miravilla to take our lunch with our office staffers and our brother Romy Sales, not knowing that ERAP and company were also at place taking lunch. At the affair, we noticed an atmosphere of optimism and high expectations for 2010. 
       Among the people we know who were present aside from City Mayor Lim and Councilor Bantugan, were former Governor Rene Relampagos, Councilors Oscar Glovasa and Edi Borja, Bohol Sunday Post top honcho Boy Guingguing and City Legal Officer Doni Piquero, among many others. 

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