Filipinos in Brunei

Filipino Muslims in Brunei celebrated an Islamic religious event known as “Hart Raya Aidul Fitri” on Oct. 29 with their leader commending the “positive impact” to Mindanao of Philippine – Brunei relations, the Department of Foreign Affairs reported.

The celebrations and dinner were hosted by Ambassador Virginia Benavidez at her official residence in the capital of Brunei Darussalam.

At dinner, Hataman Paraman, president of the Muslim Filipino Overseas Workers Association (MFOWA), relayed his group’s “deep appreciation” of the efforts of the governments of the Philippines and the Brunei Government for Muslims in the Philippines.

He mentioned that at least three bilateral projects stand out: the Grand Mosque being constructed in Cotabato City, Brunei’s International Monitoring Team on the peace process, and Brunei’s madrasah scholarship program for Filipino Muslims.

Benavidez, meanwhile, said the Filipino-Muslim community in Brunei is supportive of embassy programs, and pledged to work harder in providing assistance to Filipino nationals.

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