>Environmental Impact Study in Bohol

>Written By Rey Anthony Chiu

If a project or undertaking that goes through a process and produces outputs and whose activities is perceived to bring about negative environmental impacts need to acquire an Environmental Compliance Certificate, would the planned seismic survey at Maribojoc Bay fall under such?

The same question appears to haunt the minds of Environment Legal Assistance Center (ELAC) as openly aired by lawyer Raul Barbarona, in separate radio interviews all throughout the week.

Over the week, Bohol radio air lanes jammed with calls and texted-comments on NorAsia Energy Limited seismic survey plan, as its key leaders appeared at the Capitol for a technical presentation of the mechanics.

The survey resurfaced after more than a year when the idea of scooping natural gas deposits was floated in the Cebu-Bohol Strait, which also met slight resistance.

The seismic survey at the Maribojoc Bay in the strait, reported to cover more than 2000 square kilometers Bohol and Cebu is set to confirm the presence of natural gas deposits, and is feared to affect countless families and communities whose lives have been dependent on the seas.

According to materials distributed by project proponents, the survey involves releasing a noise of from 100 to 200 decibels from air guns to produce a three dimensional image and 2 dimensional scans of neighboring areas. The survey boat, MV Pacific Sword also tows about six kilometers of steel cables with sensors to help it achieve survey goals.
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