Drainage Problem in City of Tagbilaran

By the Bohol Chroncle

Cecil O. Corloncito might be an Environmental Authority from the land of Kangaroos from Down Under as his designation claims, but he may not be talking socio-political sense.

Now that the whole world: DENR, DPWH, public opinion, media are saying that the 38 illegal connectors be cut -and cut cleanly – then the Environmental expert sidesteps the issue and says that is only 1% of the Problem.

Our resident expert has been here for months -and yet he never played Al Gore earlier and state that the real problem is the NON -point polluters. And never shared his genius on the Inconvenient Truth when the issue was raging back then. All of a sudden his amnesia is gone and all of us are “fugitives” – from the law, we would assume.

If we, the 99% Non-Point Polluters are indeed violators against the Clean Water Act – then by all means issue an arrest order to us – the Bohol Chronicle included as you mentioned – but not after issuing the same to the city mayor, the city hall, the bishop and the school owners.

Certainly, inside the jail together , we can discuss in a “civilized way” on the issue of the drainage and the water water treatment.

It’s funny but it seems this environmentalist seems to be lawyering for the 38 connectors. First, they say the waste water is safe enough as to be allowed to cascade to the Tagbilaran sea waters. Now he says it is a waste of money -after DENR and DPWH had so declared it to be with good cause for disconnection -to cut and then reconnect the 38 pipes to the city drainage.

It seems Corloncito wants to justify the erection of the Waste Water Treatment in Taloto and wants all of city residents and establishments to be connected to the drainage system into the water treatment facility.City Hall can’t even muster the political will or maybe resources to disconnect a mere 38 connectors.

How in King Zeus name can they do that for the entire city? Much less make a nature park which they don’t even have a perspective of?

Corloncito’s case may make environmental sense but his timing is way off. We actually don’t know whose side Corloncito is with.

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