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Bohol Governor Erico Aumentado signed last week an executive order naming March and April as dog registration and vaccination months in Bohol in a renewed strategy to fight and eradicate rabies here. 
  Citing Republic Act 9482 and Provincial Ordinance 2007-012, the governor said it is but necessary to formulate internal rules to strengthen the implementation of the Bohol Rabies Prevention and Eradication Program (BPREP). 
  The governor’s order aims to finally hit the 80% accomplishment in registered and vaccinated dog as to the total dog population here.
  It also directs the localized Bantay Rabies sa Barangay (BRB) Councils and the Municipal Rabies Prevention and Eradication Councils (MRPEC) to keep a log and monitor the dog population after implementing massive dog eliminations after the massive registration and vaccination for the unregistered canines. 
  Sustaining the move, the governor tasks the BRB and MRPEC through the executive order to spearhead the drive by taking the cudgels in accepting and mediating complaints against dog owners who fail or refuse to be responsible for their pets. 
  The executive order also elated Bohol Rabies Prevention and Eradication Council members as it finally signals the full enforcement of the provincial ordinance, one which gives the guidelines for the legal implementation of the ordinance. 
  The ordinance penalizes pet owners for non-registration and vaccination of dogs, their refusal to have his biting dog put under observation and his refusal to help victims with their concurred treatment expenses. 
  Dr. Stella Marie Lapiz, the governor’s action officer for the provincial rabies prevention program, stressed at the Kapian sa PIA that Bohol needs to act immediately against rabies as it has ranked third in most rabies cases all over the country, citing data from the Department of Health in 007.
  In a brochure distributed during the recent meeting of information officers at the Capitol, Bohol has had 2,667 dog bites. It too had 10 human rabies deaths in 2007. 
  There is no available record for 2008 yet. 
  Rabies is a kind of viral infection caused by Lyssavirus and could be contracted by bites from rabid animals, or the virus entering lesions.  
  When bitten, a person has to immediately wash the wound in soap and water within 10 minutes from biting, apply alcohol or disinfectants directly to the wound.

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