>Dividing Waters of Inabanga, Bohol and Buenavista Bohol


  Inabanga and Buenavista towns will henceforth share responsibilities in protecting their coastal and fishery resources.
  This after Inabanga Mayor Jose Jono Jumamoy and Buenavista Mayor Elsa Tirol signed the memorandum of agreement (MOA) delineating their municipal waters. Instead of thinking of encroachment and illegal activities as what usually happens in towns with boundary disputes, the two mayors, with their respective vice mayors and Sangguniang Bayan (SB) agreed instead to take care of their resources.
  The agreement contained the agreed new technical description which both mayors signed in rites held in Barangay Cambuhat, Buenavista last Friday.
  It capped the series of negotiations and joint ocular inspections conducted by the two towns.
  Tirol expressed elation that the boundary dispute has finally been solved. For his part, Jumamoy said the agreement paves the way for a harmonious management over the territorial boundaries.
  ”This agreement is part of my advocacy to make policies that can benefit our marginal fisher folk. Through this agreement, their doubts regarding jurisdiction will be cleared,” he said.
  Meanwhile, Fisheries Improved for Sustainable Harvest (FISH) Provincial Coordinator Anecita Gulayan expressed support and willingness to give technical assistance to both towns.
  Francisco Alesna Jr. of the Inabanga Coastal Resource Management Council, Inabanga officials Amormeo dela Torre, SB member; Renante Cempron, Information and Community Relations Officer; and Leocadio Torregosa, municipal agriculturist, and Buenavista SB members Apolonio Aparece, Mario Añabieza, Municipal Agriculturist Lino Divinagracia and Justino Logroño, Liga ng mga Barangay president, signed as witnesses.
  Gulayan and Jessie Loren of FISH attended the event, together with Inabanga Vice Mayor Wenceslao Lao and members, PSInsp. Melanio Artiaga, chief of police and patrol members, barangay officials of Dait Sur, San Isidro and Sto Niño showed support to the agreement, together with the constituency of Buenavista. 

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