>Coconut Industry in Bohol Needs Life


Buoyed by the response to his vegetable seedling distribution project, Vice Gov. Julius Caesar Herrera now trains his sight on reviving the coconut sector.           

“There is still hope for the coconut industry in spite of the problems that it faced in the past,” the vice-governor said.           

Herrera acknowledged that more people are still disenchanted with the coconut industry due to their sad experience in the past.           

He however pointed out that coconut is still a preferred product in Bohol and that there are still many farmers who continue to grow coconuts.           

To prove that he is serious about reviving the coconut industry, Herrera has embarked on a coconut seedling distribution project.           

As of April 29, the vice-governor said he has distributed a total of 21,700 seedlings in different parts of the province.           

Among the towns that have been beneficiaries of his coconut seedling distribution are Maribojoc, Alburquerque, Loon, and Corella in the first district.            

In the second district, the beneficiaries include those in the towns of Danao, Buenavista, Ubay, Sagbayan, Clarin and Inabanga.           

On the other hand, the third district towns that have received coconut seedlings are farmers in the towns of Anda, Alicia, Pilar, Guindulman, Jagna, Garcia Hernandez and Duero.           

The vice-governor said the project has touched off a sensitive chord in many farmers who still recall the raw deal that they received in the past.           

Herrera however urged them to leave behind the sad experience and start fresh and give the coconut a second chance.           

“We may not forget those who have wronged us in the past but we should not waste the opportunity to make a new start,” he added.           

The vice-governor said that like his initial project where he distributed vegetable seeds, this time he has also given the farmers coconut seedlings to plant.           

He brushed aside comments that his projects are being imitated by other politicians saying that he does not mind being followed.           

“If there are other politicians who will also distribute coconut seedlings, then it will benefit more farmers,” he added.           

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