Candijay Bohol Writing Workshop

Investing in people empowerment, Candijay, Bohol officials led by Mayor Sergio Amora pooled its local writers in hopes to enhance their skills with a two-day writing workshop, October 17-18 held at the town’s Association of Barangay Councils Hall.

The skills training, handled by a pool of speakers and facilitators from the Association of United Development Information Officers (AUDIO) Bohol is a crucial stepping stone and a major component for tooling the barangay based information officers in the town’s 21 barangays.

The training also included enhancing writing skills of Candijay school based writers, admits Judith Villamor, municipal information officer.

Villamor, an active AUDIO official also added that the workshop is also a perfect venue of equipping student writers with the right skills before they could compete in the school’s division based press conference.

About 50 barangay officials and student writers involved themselves in the activities and participated in communications dynamics, news-writing and feature writing as well as disaster communication workshops.

The step which Candijay made is also in line with the recent peace efforts developments as Bohol puts up the Local Internal Security System (BLISS).

BLISS is a proactive barangay based anti-crime and anti insurgency network and allows the people to effectively become police force multipliers by reporting developments, emergencies or by airing complaints, communications facilitator Augustus Escobia explained during the workshop.

With the activity organizers hope to empower local communities to pass on information crucial to development as well as public safety in times of emergencies, Villamor reiterated.

The activity is an initiative of local officials who see the important role of information as a channel for development, she added.

Participants are from the town’s barangays, elementary and secondary school students, school paper mentors and town officials who honed skills in the writing workshop that also aims to facilitate local news reports to city media outlets.

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