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Estafa arising from a double land sale, robbery in band and ultimately murder were the main ingredients in the cold-blood killing of a 35-year old man lunch time Thursday in the second floor of a building owned by former Bohol governor David Tirol along M. Clara St., this city. 

The estafa case was referred to the former governor now a practicing lawyer after the wife of the victim, identified as Clementina Calijat of Libaong, Panglao was sued by a manager of the local branch of the Bank of the Philippine Islands. The land in question is a one hectare property where Clementina allegedly was acting as the broker to Deo Butawan, BPI branch manager. It turned out that the same property was sold again to the owners of Shoppers’ Mart. Thus, the estafa case. 

While accompanying his wife to the lawyer’s office, an unidentified gunman sneaked in at the second floor of the building and pumped 45 caliber bullets into his head killing him on the spot. The victim was identified as Henry Calijat, 35, married and a resident of Libaong Panglao. 

Further Panglao police verification revealed that Calijat was under bail of P100,000 after he was tagged as one of the robbery suspects in a heist pulled off to a foreigner and his Filipina wife in barangay Lourdes in the same municipality in 2006. 

He and four others were facing a case of robbery in band and the case is now pending before the sala of Presiding Judge Baudilio Dosdos of the regional trial court (RTC). 

The victims in the Panglao robbery where identified as spouses David John and Imelda Niesz. At the time the spouses were robbed, another couple, John Wooley and Rowena Pesiao were in the Niesz residence. They were also diverted of cash, cell phones and jewelries.  

Almost P500,000, an undetermined amount of dollars and personal belongings were bilked from the two foreigners. 

Five suspects armed with 45 and caliber handguns held up at gunpoint the two couples. Two of the suspects including Calijat posted P100,000 cash bonds for their temporary liberty. The other one was identified as Tommy Merca of Tambangan, Loay. 

Two of their cohorts identified as Orlando Subisa alias Dodong, a native of San Miguel, Bohol and Lauro Namoco, Jr. of Lourdes Panglao are now locked up at the Bohol District Jail for their failure to post bail. 

The fifth suspect is still at large.  


Although it was yet to be confirmed, there were reports that the lone gunman was tied to the robbery gang that victimized the two foreigners. No motive was advanced why the rob gang was implicated in the slay. 

It was learned that the Calajit couple were to consult their lawyer that fateful day in connection with the preliminary investigation of the estafa case filed against the wife. The preliminary investigation was scheduled in the afternoon of Thursday. 

When his name was mentioned in the police report, Butawan lost no time in clarifying that the victim was not involved in the case he filed against the wife. 

The bank manager said he filed the case after he learned that he was a victim of a double land sale. 


As a consequence of the murder of the robbery suspect, police uncovered two other cases involving the victim. 

It was gathered that he was the respondent of a case for concealing deadly weapon filed only last August. He was convicted two months later apparently after owning up the crime. 

Another case against Calajit was filed in 2000 for acts of lasciviousness. The case, however, was terminated four years later but its outcome was not known.  

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