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GOVERNOR Erico Aumentado has prepared a rather long wish list for President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (PGMA) when she comes to Bohol Thursday July 22. 
The President has confirmed her attendance to the Bohol Day Celebrations this Wednesday in time to officiate the ribbon cutting of at least three government infrastructure projects, open a trade fair aside from greeting Boholanos on their 155th Bohol Foundation Day.
During the recent Governors Reports, Aumentado detailed crucial tourism infrastructure and agro-industrial support infra for Bohol as the top things he would wish the President to commit.
While Bohol already has the Panglao Bohol International airport incorporated in the President’s super-tourism regions plan, which PGMA vowed to finish in her term, Aumentado said he would personally ask the President for the fast conversion of provincial to national roads.
Some road sections covered by the Bohol Circumferential Improvement Project III (BCRIP) which connects Anda town and its pristine beaches to the world tourism market, as well as provide the belt road for the ambitious Panglao airport to the beaches are still provincial roads and could be better funded if converted to national roads, sources at the Provincial engineers Office said.
Apart from the provincial roads conversion, he stressed he would ask the President for the completion of the road network support for the Strong Republic Nautical Highways.
Here in Bohol, the road network Aumentado was referring to is Eskaya Highway, which connects Tubigon port to Bohol’s gateway to Mindanao in Jagna town.
The governor also said he would ask the President’s support to the Bohol Backbone Transmission Project which would provide the crucial power requirement for the full operation of Panglao Airport as well as secure reliable power supply for the entire island of Bohol and its growing agro-industrial requirement.
Moreover, on the agro-industry sector, the governor who would be bowing out of service as province’ only three term governor in 2010 said he would push for the immediate realization of the Rice Processing Complex in Pilar, which Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap has eagerly proposed.
A strong advocate for his pet projects in megadams here, he also said he would also lobby for the P800M fund for upgrading of Malinao Dam, which would further increase irrigable areas by 2700 hectares on prime ricelands in the island’s northeastern parts. The project is crucial to Bohol bid in keeping the rice granary in the Central Visayas title, a provincial agriculture source bared.
The project, when funded would signal Bohol Irrigation Projects III, an important support infrastructure to boost agri production as well as employ more Boholanos who may be vulnerable to the crisis, observers said.
Governor Aumentado, who was upbeat when asked about what the President has as a gift for Bohol on her second visit to this province in 2009 also prepared to give something for the President as a token from grateful Boholanos.
Early reports said Capitol is handing to the president a special Datu Sikatuna Award of Excellence for whom the governor christened as Bohol’s greatest patron.  (PIA)

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