Bohol Nutrition Award

Watch out, someday we will get there.

The playful warning came from Dr. Josephine Jabonillo, Carmen Municipal Nutrition Action Officer during the annual Provincial Nutrition Awarding Ceremony at the Jjs Seafoods Village December 29.

Speaking in response to Carmen’s successful showing of finally shoving the town among the province’s top towns with outstanding nutrition programs, Dr. Jabonillo said she would be using an inspiration given by the governor to peg a mark for the town to surpass.

Then listed as the least of Bohol towns in nutrition, Carmen town has slowly worked its way to number 29, then number 18.

A few years later, we were number 14, and a year ago we were number 11. Now we have made it to number 10.

The challenge however might not anymore apply to Tubigon town, which has snagged their third consecutive honor awards in nutrition making them eligible to the national competitions, said Froilan Cosgafa, executive assistant to Tubigon Mayor William Jao.

Also off the list of potential contenders to the top spot now aimed by Carmen are the towns of programs of the towns of Calape, Inabanga and Talibon which have been automatically disqualified in the provincial competitions, them being national record holders in nutrition, Juliet Manliguez said.

Manliguez, the Provincial Nutrition Coordinator explained that the towns were rated according to a measuring and evaluation tool produced by the National Nutrition Council.

Assuring they would not rest on their earned recognition as among Bohol’s towns with the best nutrition programs, Jabonillo said they would not be comparing with other towns but surpass their past record instead.

In a message to the awardees, Governor Edgar Chatto, who challenged all towns to deliver good nutrition marks said he would also like the towns to be comparing with their own past performance as the best way to improve on their rnarkings and excel.

“When you want to excel, you must try to compare with your performance, Chatto urged as he elucidates the winning formula to nutrition.

This way, standards must be kept high always, he reiterated, citing the fear that towns may rest on their nutrition laurels and slide back.

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