>Bohol Farmers Claim Crop Insurance


At least some 22 farmers from Catigbian Bohol and another from Sierra Bullones has claimed for crop insurance, an indication that Bohol may not be spared from the long drought.
According to Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC) Crop Insurance Director for the Visayas Dominico Digamon, the concerned farmers have started processing their claims as of last month.
He explained that the PCIC runs a slogan that says crop insurance as an aid toward fighting poverty and by the mandate, they are prepared to aid farmers recover their lost investments in crops and farm inputs once these farms are insured at a very minimal amount. 
Digamon, who hails from Batuan revealed that the recent trends is putting up the crop insurance to lay down surety for crops from natural calamities.
Crop insurance gives the farmers some peace of mind especially when the threat of natural calamities becomes real. The insurance protects one’s investments and efforts when cropping failure occurs, he said.
Moreover, insuring crops allows farmers to be more open to technologies.
PCIC insures up to P52,000 for a hectare of hybrid seed production, P42,000 for commercial production of hybrids and P39,000 for rice commercial production.
For corn, PCIC puts up at most P40,000 for hybrid corn and some P28,000 per hectare for OPV corn.
Aside from the crop insurance, when one gets to insure his crops, farmers also get automatic death benefits of up P10,000 for beneficiaries if by any chance the farmer dies while his crops are insured in its cropping term.
PCIC, Digamon adds, also insures agricultural assets insurance for tractors, barns and buildings used for agriculture products storage or mills, livestock mortality insurance for swine, cattle, goat and poultry, high value commercial crops like sugarcane, banana, cassava, commercial trees and vegetables and accepts term insurance power packages.
Farmers interested in insuring their rice or corn can seek help from the municipal agricultural officers who are authorized to cover for such inquiries, Digamon said. (PIA)

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