Bohol Capitol Supports City's Waste Management Project

As chair of the Provincial Development Council, Governor Erico Aumentado vowed to strongly lobby for the approval of Tagbilaran City’s proposed Waste Water Treatment Facility during the Regional Development Council meeting on October 17.

Furthermore, the RDC endorsement is necessary to get the approval of higher approving bodies like the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) for the city government to utilize the funding for the project from a loan with the Development Bank of the Philippines.

Tagbilaran City Mayor Dan Lim told the governor in a recent meeting that the city government had initially got a positive response, in principle, from DBP about getting a loan which will be the source of the P120-million fund for the construction of a waste water treatment facility in Taloto district.

It could come in the form of a “jumbo credit line” with DBP worth about P500-Million to cover the project along with the city’s Waste Management Facility and the concreting of roads.

The mayor had an opportunity to tell Aumentado about this during the coordinative meeting held on September 23 at the People’s Mansion that was set to find a solution to the flooding in some areas of the city and pollution problem blamed on the construction flaws on the drainage system along the main thoroughfares of Tagbilaran.

While the governor can push for the general approval and endorsement of the project, the city government takes charge of the fund-sourcing.

With processing of the loan in place, all the city government now needs is the approval of the RDC, then it can already be processed with the NEDA. Then, the city government can proceed with the notice of bidding and publication, Lim said.

“So probably, the work will start by December or January,” the mayor added.

Aumentado had urged the first engineering district of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to fast-track the asphalting of the road connected to San Jose St. where the drainage outfall is located, so that the drainage system can be turned over to the city government.

Only the asphalting works that would finish the San Jose outfall project and the detachment of some sewer lines from households and establishments connected to the drainage along CPG Avenue are holding back the turn-over of Tagbilaran’s drainage system to the city government.

When it will be turned over, the city government can proceed with the other part of the bureaucracy to proceed with works on the German-technology waste water treatment facility.

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