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Mother's Tears of Joy After Getting Help

By Bong Recemilla, with reports from Jun Gutierrez

A mother of a 16-year-old patient, who received assistance, sounded her heartfelt thanks over Station dyRD amid tears of joy.

Earlier, Teodora Cullamat, mother of patient Jerna Cullamat, announced live through dyRD’s Action Line her urgent need. She sought assistance to discharge her daughter from Bohol Gallares Hospital after nine days of admission due to a broken leg.

The elder Cullamat, who even hardly fends for a living, got weary over the P19,000 hospital bill. But a call or two by anchorman Chito Vissara relieved the apprehensive mother.

Following the call a discount stashed the bill, courtesy of the hospital’s social worker.

By the second call the rest of the bill was shouldered, courtesy of Provincial Administrator Tommy Abapo Jr.

As the mother came back to the station to give thanks via the Tagbilaran-by-Night program, an anonymous caller announced to donate crutches for the young Cullamat.

If the mother’s tears weren’t of joy, what were?

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Holy Name University – College of Business and Accountancy

The Holy Name University – College of Business and Accountancy, coined as D’ Snackers, topped the 2nd Dunkin’ Donuts Interschool Cheerdance Competition at the BQ Mall Atrium last Sept. 27. Average score was 94.5 percent.

First runner up is University of Bohol College of Education with an average of 94 percent and University of Bohol College of Technology and Engineering (2005 champ, 1st Dunkin’ Donuts Cheerdance Competition) finished 2nd runner up with an average score of 92.8 percent.

Other participants included the University of Bohol-THM, BIT-IC Performing Arts and University of Bohol-CBA.

The champ received P10,000 cash with trophy, Dunkin’ Donuts gift packs, while the 1st runner-up received P7,000 cash with trophy, Dunkin’ Donuts gift packs. The 2nd runner-up received P5,000 cash with trophy, Dunkin’ Donuts gift packs. Non-winning groups received P1,000 each with Dunkin’ Donuts gift packs.

D’ Snackers was also adjudged Best In Uniform, while Best In Motorcade was UB-CBA, while Best in Cheerleader was given to UB-Education.

The board of judges was composed of August Nepomuceno as chairman; Huang Group of Companies’ Milton Uy; and Katrina Schoof, general manager, Peacock Garden Luxury Resort & Spa.

Dunkin’ Donuts Ang Pasalubong ng Bayan would like to thank BQ Mall, Pepsi, Dragon Fireworks and The City Government of Tagbilaran, Globe, Kia Motors, McDonalds, Save N’ Earn Wireless, Grand Luis Lodge, Nature Spring Water, Jj’s Seafoods Village, Egay’s Petshoppe, BLPM Carwash, MM Celldepot, Sunday Post, Bohol Chronicle, KISS 102.3 FM and 911 True Radio.

The event was conceptualized and organized by chief event organizer Dennies Pascual Tan Du and event marketing officer Cleford Sobrado and DD Minds & Events.

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Big Sale at Plaza Marcela

The big sale goes to Plaza Marcela this coming October 13, 14, and 15, where discounts of up to 50% will be given away on great selections at the Home & Fashion Department.

In the opening day of the sale on October 13, the Xtreme Idol Singing Contest will be conducted at the 3rd floor of Plaza Marcela. A customer who will purchase a minimum of P1,000 at the Home & Fashion on that day can join the competition by singing any song at the Xtreme Magic Sing Booth.

The first 10 participants who will score 90 and above will qualify for the final round. All participants will receive each an Xtreme Magic Sing ballpen and Alturas gift cheque worth P100.

On the last day of the sale, October 15, Focus Global, Inc. will conduct a free needlecraft seminar at 1:30 PM at the Entertainment Plaza, located at the 3rd floor of Plaza Marcela. Topics of the seminar include Cross stitch; Fashion Wear, which will demonstrate the use of DMC threads and waste canvass to create a unique design on any type of clothes; Bargello, a quick and easy way of producing geometric designs using DMC threads and Aida fabric; Friendship Wear, the use of DMC threads creating bracelets and other fashion accessories; and Needlepoint.

Also going on at Plaza Marcela is the “Lahat Panalo” Computer Game Promo where for every cash purchase worth P300 at Plaza Marcela Grocery, Hardware, Pharmacy and Kodak or P100 at School + Office Depot (SOD), Foodmix and Freshbaked, a customer is entitled to play the computer game and win instant prizes like sacks of rice, grocery gift packs and other instant prizes daily. The promo will until October 14, this year.

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Drainage Problem in City of Tagbilaran

By the Bohol Chroncle

Cecil O. Corloncito might be an Environmental Authority from the land of Kangaroos from Down Under as his designation claims, but he may not be talking socio-political sense.

Now that the whole world: DENR, DPWH, public opinion, media are saying that the 38 illegal connectors be cut -and cut cleanly – then the Environmental expert sidesteps the issue and says that is only 1% of the Problem.

Our resident expert has been here for months -and yet he never played Al Gore earlier and state that the real problem is the NON -point polluters. And never shared his genius on the Inconvenient Truth when the issue was raging back then. All of a sudden his amnesia is gone and all of us are “fugitives” – from the law, we would assume.

If we, the 99% Non-Point Polluters are indeed violators against the Clean Water Act – then by all means issue an arrest order to us – the Bohol Chronicle included as you mentioned – but not after issuing the same to the city mayor, the city hall, the bishop and the school owners.

Certainly, inside the jail together , we can discuss in a “civilized way” on the issue of the drainage and the water water treatment.

It’s funny but it seems this environmentalist seems to be lawyering for the 38 connectors. First, they say the waste water is safe enough as to be allowed to cascade to the Tagbilaran sea waters. Now he says it is a waste of money -after DENR and DPWH had so declared it to be with good cause for disconnection -to cut and then reconnect the 38 pipes to the city drainage.

It seems Corloncito wants to justify the erection of the Waste Water Treatment in Taloto and wants all of city residents and establishments to be connected to the drainage system into the water treatment facility.City Hall can’t even muster the political will or maybe resources to disconnect a mere 38 connectors.

How in King Zeus name can they do that for the entire city? Much less make a nature park which they don’t even have a perspective of?

Corloncito’s case may make environmental sense but his timing is way off. We actually don’t know whose side Corloncito is with.

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Waster Water Treatment Issue in Tagbilaran

Open Letter sent to the Bohol Chronicle

Dear Editor:

I am writing the Bohol Chronicle in response to its editorial last Sunday, 28 Sept 2008: THE TRIUMPH OF THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. The real triumph is when the pollution is gone. The voice of the people will always fbe air and square.

If we call the 38 “connected” establishments illegal, I believe the non-connected water users (of course wastewater dischargers, too) are already “fugitives”, including the very establishment Bohol Chronicle is operating.

Why? In environmental parlance, there are two sources of pollution: the NON-POINT and the POINT sources. Non-point are sources of pollution that can hardly be determine where it come from and where its pathways are. Point sources are the pollution where its origins and pathways are already known. What is known to both of them, however, is the harm they cause to the environment and to human beings. To prove my point, the 38 connections are the point sources while the rest of Tagbilaran inhabitants are the non-point sources. What makes the 38 known is because it is easy and convenient to pin-point them while what makes the non-point sources less talked-about because they are generic and anyone who pinpoint them can not help but also point to himself as one of them. Everybody, including your editorial did not try to examine the pollution and flooding of the city closely because we refuse to accept the Inconvenient Truth.

If we compute the volume of water the 38 connected uses compared to the rest of water users, I believe that they do not even reach 1% of the total wastewater that is disposed to the environment everyday! All of us, the DENR secretary who use one of the toilets during his visit, the city hall who is not yet connected to the sewer and even the governor who pride a wastewater treatment plant in the capitol but whose wastewater effluent is connected to the storm drainage and of course my parents and relatives in Mansasa , are just a few of the more than 99% non-point sources of pollution to our undergound and marine waters.

Are these 99% illegal? Yes, they are by any laws of nature but of course by virtue of the Philippines Clean Water Act. Now how can we celebrate of triumph? Cutting the 38 connections would remove the less than 1% point sources but definitely not the wastewater pollution.

How can we solve these predicament? Convert the 99% non point sources into point sources! CONNECT THEM TO THE DRAINAGE. Am I serious? Yes 100% sure. Connecting them and diverting them to the planned wastewater treatment plant in Taloto is the right solution the city mayor has embarked. How can the DENR issue such a totally contradicting order of cutting the connections and pushing the city for the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Is cutting going to be a temporary thing and reconnect them back when the wastewater treatment plant is available? WHAT A WASTE OF PEOPLE’S MONEY TO CONCENTRATE ON THE 1% OF THE PROBLEM!

If this is the approach of the DENR because they said it is the law, then I can not argue further but after cutting the 38, I must demand to them further to continue doing so by going house to house to check and determine where their wastewaters are being discharged and cut them one by one if they are connected to the new drainage or to any waterways to the sea or to the underground. What difference does the new drainage and all other drainages in Tagbilaran makes?

In short the DENR approach is to shutdown Tagbilaran for the time being that the Wastewater Treatment Plant is not yet available! Is is this possible and doable? Is this the triumph of the voice of the people? Is this what we want?

Ok let’s go back to the 38. Do we really believe they are illegal, isn’t it that some of them operates before the drainage was built and when the drainage passed their streets, weren’t their original canals destroyed during the constructions and re-connected them conveniently to the new drainage? Is it the fault of these establishments that there place of business or residence happen to be in the streets where of the newly-built bohol circumferential road’s drainage was constructed? Are we fair to easily point our fingers to the point sources and not the non-point sources?

My comments above are environmentally technical logic. If you allow me next time, I can talk about financial indicators that cutting them is not good for both environment and economics.


City Environmental Consultant
Technical Project Manager
Environment Regulatory
Authority in Australia

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