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Bohol Nutrition Award

Watch out, someday we will get there.

The playful warning came from Dr. Josephine Jabonillo, Carmen Municipal Nutrition Action Officer during the annual Provincial Nutrition Awarding Ceremony at the Jjs Seafoods Village December 29.

Speaking in response to Carmen’s successful showing of finally shoving the town among the province’s top towns with outstanding nutrition programs, Dr. Jabonillo said she would be using an inspiration given by the governor to peg a mark for the town to surpass.

Then listed as the least of Bohol towns in nutrition, Carmen town has slowly worked its way to number 29, then number 18.

A few years later, we were number 14, and a year ago we were number 11. Now we have made it to number 10.

The challenge however might not anymore apply to Tubigon town, which has snagged their third consecutive honor awards in nutrition making them eligible to the national competitions, said Froilan Cosgafa, executive assistant to Tubigon Mayor William Jao.

Also off the list of potential contenders to the top spot now aimed by Carmen are the towns of programs of the towns of Calape, Inabanga and Talibon which have been automatically disqualified in the provincial competitions, them being national record holders in nutrition, Juliet Manliguez said.

Manliguez, the Provincial Nutrition Coordinator explained that the towns were rated according to a measuring and evaluation tool produced by the National Nutrition Council.

Assuring they would not rest on their earned recognition as among Bohol’s towns with the best nutrition programs, Jabonillo said they would not be comparing with other towns but surpass their past record instead.

In a message to the awardees, Governor Edgar Chatto, who challenged all towns to deliver good nutrition marks said he would also like the towns to be comparing with their own past performance as the best way to improve on their rnarkings and excel.

“When you want to excel, you must try to compare with your performance, Chatto urged as he elucidates the winning formula to nutrition.

This way, standards must be kept high always, he reiterated, citing the fear that towns may rest on their nutrition laurels and slide back.

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Port in Ubay, Bohol

WHEN found to be truly feasible, a huge future awaits Tapal Port in Ubay.

This as provincial officials want to go through a feasibility study to determine the viability of making the Ubay alternate wharf as the main hub of the multi-industry cluster (MIC) which Governor Erico Aumentado presented recently to Korean officials.

During the governor’s presentation to Korean officials during the Korea-Philippine Economic Cooperation in Seoul two months ago, he proposed the MIC and revealed development projects on bioethanol, organic fertilizer and bio-mass power generation from red algae.

Days after Aumentado’s presentation, it was reported that a team from the Korean Overseas International Cooperation Agency sent an evaluation team to survey the promised 25,000 hectares of sea waters for the seaweeds farms in Bohol’s northeastern towns.

The team found great promise in the Bohol MIC plan, especially with Bio-systems of Korea showing great interest in the green energy development.

Aumentado then succeeded in sourcing out a Korean grant of $2.9 million for the seaweeds research facility.

Now seeing the propriety of putting up the necessary infrastructure support for the future shipment requirements of goods in and out of Bohol, local officials eye the Tapal wharf which has very deep waters, reports Provincial Provincial Planning Officer John Titus Vistal.

Updating the Boholanos during the weekly The Governors Reports, Vistal said Tapal wharf, Ubay’s alternate sea exit would be the perfect option.

Tapal is within close proximity to the seaweed farms and its research facility, and its deep waters can accommodate even huge cargo ships, should the MIC go full steam.

Aumentado, who sees a rare opportunity to spur employment in Bohol eyes some 50,000 to 100,000 jobs to do variety of tasks at the seaweed farms, one which he expects to be a good alternative livelihood for the illegal fishers who are now being chased out of the waters. (PIA)

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Academic Literary Musical in Bohol Ph

By Gregorio A. Tavera

The Bohol Association of Private School Educators and Administrators (BAPSEA) of the 3rd congressional district of the province held their academic literary musical (ALM) contest here last Friday.

The BAPSEA of Education Service Area (ESA)  111 in this competition had their  theme, Unified Private Schools Towards the Enhancement of Children’s Competencies in ALM.

The participating schools were Bohol Institute of Technology-Jagna, St. Anthony Elementary School of Carmen, St. Paula’s Learning Center Cogtong, Candijay, Necah Emanuel Cathrchevical School of Lila, Advance Learning School for Excellence Mabini, Emmanuel Christian Learning Center Valencia, Anchil Christe School Sevilla, Anchil Christe School Loboc, St. Therese Kindergarten Jagna, San Jose de Candijay School of Candijay, Christian Learning Center Duero, Candijay Christian School Candiajy, Child Arts Academy (CAA) of Jagna, Virgen del Pilar Sierra-Bullones, Virgen del Pilar, Pilar, Pilar Christian School of Bilar and Immaculate Conception Cathechetical School of Duero.

The host school in this affair here was the St. Therese Kindergarten of Jagna. The tilt was open to all preparatory and elementary learners only. The elementary level  had nine skills contested while only four in the preparatory. Among the subjects evaluated through this contest were spelling, general information, tula, declamation, folk dance and dance sports. It was agreed that the 1st,2nd and 3rd winners of the different skills tested will represent BAPSEA ESA 111 in the coming provincial level tilt.

Acting School Division Superintendent  of Bohol Bianito Dagatan graced the opening program as guest speaker.

“Our primary purpose in this task is not strictly on competing but more so in supporting and supplementing each institution of learning for the good of the learners, “said the DepEd highest official of the province.

Pablito Vinalon, division coordinator in special education (SPED) and the private schools attended the affair. The chairperson of BAP-SEA ESA 111 Marifiel Ramos-Ledesma who is also the directress of the CAA School here was the master of ceremony.

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The Bohol Chronicle DYRD At War Against Tagbilaran Mayor Dan N. Lim

A ceasefire brokered by the local church went in force starting yesterday preventing an escalation of hostilities involving  the much-publicized word war between two institutions—city hall and the Bohol Chronicle / DYRD media combined.

Msgr. Jeffrey Malanog, vicar-general of the Diocese of Tagbilaran who admitted that he was acting on behalf of Bishop Leonardo Medroso  relayed the prelate’s message  to City Mayor Dan Neri Lim in a meeting held the other day.

The Post who was present in that meeting  heard the concern of the bishop as relayed by the Palace spokesman to halt the hostilities before it will flare up into a full-blown conflict.

It was not immediately known as to whose initiative the ceasefire offer came from. But it is pubic knowledge that Bishop Medroso and the  owners of the media concern are close friends.

Whether the ceasefire, uneasy as it seems, will hold will depend upon today’s reaction of the Bohol Chronicle whose editor was given a piece of Mayor Lim’s mind in a letter he sent Friday. The  Post  is not at liberty to divulge the contents of the letter but any editor who was at its receiving end will definitely fume in anger.

In deference to Msgr. Malanog’s representation, Mayor Lim heeded the ceasefire offer in a broadcast aired yesterday.

The radio broadcast took a different turn when it was made no longer in its previous anchor station- DYRD.

For DYRD, they have it coming when the city mayor showed a dramatic shift in radio loyalty.

Although it was widely believed before the hostilities broke out that the mayor was hitting two birds with one stone in his media relations with DYRD and the Bohol Chronicle, the cozy affair turned sour when DYTR came out with a palatable offer the city mayor found hard to resist.

It was in the form of a grassroot-based radio program called Barangay Patrol where Mayor Lim has to wake up early in the morning to meet with his constituents down to the purok level. All sorts of problems were tossed to the mayor and true to  his passion for public service he was just as willing to oblige.

With DYTR giving him an option to air his views about the city’s goings on, Mayor Lim severed his relations with the twin media enterprise and that started  the “gun and go affair”.

Finding  comfort in his new territory, Mayor Lim did not wait that he would be shown the door the moment he would return to his old anchor station. He  jumped the gun on his former favored station and felt himself at home  in a rival station.

For four years, Mayor Lim found  in the tight embrace of Station DYRD where he aired his weekly Mayor’s Report.

In fact, it was in the same station that his rating catapulted to an all-time high because listeners found his brand of radio broadcast both entertaining and hard-hitting.

But it was not meant to be for good.

To the surprise of avid radio followers, Mayor Lim was already talking at Station DYTR starting yesterday at almost the same time as he did in the competing station.

Radio listeners were expecting another heavy dosage of bombast directed to the twin media outfit but nothing of that sort wafted on the air. The otherwise subdued exchange between the mayor and the radio anchor was an indication that Mayor Lim respected the truce agreement brokered by Msgr. Malanog.

The running word war between two powerful interest groups started after Mayor Lim took offense to the series of  editorials of the leading weekly which castigated the city executive’s seeming neglect to solve the city’s drainage problem.

The scathing editorial did not sit well with Mayor Lim’s combative nature.

While sitting in his radio program for the last time over Station DYRD the other Saturday, Mayor Lim minced no words to get back at his main critic, the Bohol Chronicle.

That started the open warfare  with neither protagonists willing to budge an inch in the name of public service.

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No Melamine in Bohol Province

By Ric Obedencio

There’s no contamination case of melamine in milk products sold in the province of Bohol, Usec. Elmer Punzalan of the Department of Health (DOH) said.

But despite this finding by DOH’s Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) regional office, the milk consuming public is urged to report symptoms of melamine-tainted products, Punzalan last week said in an interview with Contact Point over DyRD.

Punzalan, who was here for the launching of Bohol Diagnostic Center, said BFAD has identified three milk brands from China that contain melamine. But he did not mention the brands.

He explained that “melamine,” an industrial substance, is not intended for human consumption. It severely affects the children.

“Melamine” causes formation of kidney stones that leads to urinary tract infection and eventually kidney disease, he said. Milk-fed children are mostly vulnerable.

But according to BFAD test results three milk brands are positive of melamine. These are Greenwood Yili Milk, Jolly Cow Slender High Calcium Low Fat Milk and Mengniu Drink, all with Chinese labels.

In a published advertisement in national daily, BFAD has cleared 49 milk brands of “melamine” contamination.

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Panglao Airport Gets Big Budget

The Bohol Chronicle News

The Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) has endorsed Gov. Erico Aumentado’s request to frontload the 2010 budget for the Panglao Bohol International Airport to 2009.

In a letter to Budget and Management Secretary Rolando Andaya, DOTC Secretary Leandro Mendoza favorably endorsed Aumentado’s request seeking the frontloading, citing among other reasons, that 2010 is an election year.

As such, Aumentado had explained, Congress might not be able to approve on time the calendar year 2010 General Appropriations Act (GAA), giving the country no other choice but to operate on a reenacted budget.

A reenacted budget would jeopardize the airport project, the governor pointed out, because the 2009 budget carries only P307.5 million for the airport. The balance of the amount that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo earlier approved for DOTC to come up with stands at P690,971,398 for a total allocation needed of P998,471,398.

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) will take care of the other P3 billion requirement, which it will take from the payable of Philippine Airlines (PAL) for its exclusive use of an airport terminal. PAL chief honcho Lucio Tan has committed to settle the obligation – for the government, particularly MIAA, to use to build the Panglao airport with.

Mendoza reminded Andaya that the development of the Panglao airport is one of the priority projects of President Arroyo, and that the MIAA and DOTC have been tasked to complete the project before the end of her term of office.

The site for the new airport ois now 89 percent acquired while the procurement of consulting services for the conduct of detailed engineering design and construction management supervision of the project will be conducted shortly, he added.

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Hand Grenade Blast Hits Family House in Buenavista Bohol

By Kit Bagaipo, The Bohol Chronicle

Public sympathy to a hapless 3-year old boy casualty of a bomb blast in Buenavista town drew an outpouring of donations from generous and kindhearted listeners of Station dyRD on Thursday.

Boholanos from all walks of life came in droves at dyRD giving cash, food and clothes to the family of 3-year old Joshue Suete, who was killed by an improvised bomb Wednesday night.

A total of P50,171 was raised during the 5-hour fund-drive that drew a massive response from dyRD listeners who were tuned-in to top-rated programs “Patrol Balita,” “Inyaong Alagad,” “Pulso” and “Media Patrol.”

The act of kindness of Boholanos in different circumstances – students, ordinary wage earners – that included janitors, bakers and security guards phoned in their pledges for the victims of the bombing incident in barangay Magkaya, Buenavista that also seriously injured the grandparents of the victim Cosme Perialde, 50 and Emilia Perialde, 48.

It was not just their own gesture of charity that pushed donors to share the little of what they have. Some came out of apparent anguish to the viciousness of the crime.

Around 7:30 Wednesday night, two bonnet wearing men riding a motorcycle purportedly lobbed an improvised bomb at the house of the Perialde couple.

According to Buenavista police, the suspected home-made bomb was thrown just outside the house of the victims. However, shrapnel ripped through the house’s bamboo walls hitting Joshue.

The 3-year old boy was rushed to the Gov. Celestino Gallares Regional Hospital (GCGRH) but was dead on arrival.

Cosme sustained injuries on his leg, shoulders and broke his right arm. Emilia, on the other hand, was hit on the nape.

Cosme had to undergo surgery at the GCGRH to fix his broken right arm.

Joshue’s mother and a younger brother who were also in the house during the incident were unharmed.

Buenavista police chief Insp. Reyes said they recovered fragments of the suspected improvised bomb as they try to piece together circumstances that led to the incident.

The recovered bomb parts will be examined at the PNP crime laboratory.

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Questionable DPWH Bidding in Bohol

Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Regional Director Josefino Rigor is in hot water due to alleged predetermined winning bidders in three projects estimated to cost no less than P83 million.

Bohol Governor Erico Aumentado who used to chair the Regional Development Council (RDC-7) questioned the highways regional director for allegedly predetermining the winning bidders on projects which opening of bidding was supposed to be conducted tomorrow.

The governor said he was informed during the pre-bidding conference that other supposed bidders were advised to bid higher than that of the favored contractors.

There was no mention on the identities of the favored bidder, in his letter addressed to Rigor dated Oct. 2, 2008. However, the governor hopes the report is not true and will not be validated by the result of the bidding since he was given the names of the putative winners.

This is in violation of RA 9184, the Government Procurement Reform Act and RA 3019, the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, the governor stressed.

The projects involved are the construction/widening of Jacinto Borja Bridge (P28M), widening of the causeway Dauis-Panglao road (P51M) and the construction/widening of Vano Bridge (P4M).

These three projects to be bidded tomorrow are major support projects to the Panglao Bohol International Airport aimed to avoid traffic gridlock in the area,

The governor likewise questioned Director Rigor for some projects that lack supervision by the regional office during the contractors’ work. Many of these projects suffered undue delays and done substandardly, he said.

The Sagbayan-Carmen and S-Bullones -Jagna road sections have been delayed despite its being inclusion in the Strong Republic Nautical Highway. – The Bohol Chronicle

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