>Alabang Boys Scandal


The breakdown of the family is the root cause of the Alabang Boys scandal.            
This was the observation given by Mayor Dan Lim on the brewing controversy triggered by the bribery allegations hounding the Department of Justice (DOJ) in its handling of the scion of three wealthy families arrested for drug offenses.            
“It brings to the fore the importance of the family and the destruction that follows whenever there is a breakdown in the family,” he added.            
Lim said all who resort to drug abuse knows that it is harmful and that it is not allowed by law.            
The mayor said that when people insist to engage in its in spite of the risks involved, it can only mean that they are running away from something.            
“The proliferation of illegal drugs sends a strong message that the family is breaking apart,” he added.            
Contrary to what many people think, the mayor said drug problem is not a result of the presence of syndicates and of government officials and employees who are in cahoots with them.                
“A person who is grounded on principles will not try dangerous drugs no matter how much the temptation,” he added.            
On the contrary, Lim said most of those who get hooked with drugs try it out of their boredom and because they have nothing to do.            
“The training and discipline of a child is a very complicated thing to do. It cannot be entrusted to teachers and helpers,” he pointed out.            
Unfortunately, the mayor said most parents think that their primary responsibility is only to supply the financial needs of their children.            
He said this is the reason why many work abroad or do not spend time with their children even if they remain here.                       
“This does not mean that parents will not consider their financial obligations for their children. But this should not be at the expense of the guidance and presence during the growing up years,” he added.            
One reason why many children lose their way is the lack of time or absence of their parents.            
He said that according to a farmer’s proverb, you don’t put live chicks under a dead hen.            
“What you do not do with chicks, many parents are doing with their children,” he added.                      
The mayor said this is what is happening with many children left to their own devices to browse the internet and watch cable TV on their own.            
“They are exposed to pornography, excessive violence and other influences that destroy their personality and their character,” he noted.            
The mayor said that like babies who eat solid food when they should still be drinking milk, many of these children grow up with the wrong values. source: Sunday Post           

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